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moviecon_awards's Journal

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This is an icon awards community where you can nominate your favorite icons that are featured from your favorite movies. This is similarly ran like lost_awards and alias_awards.

Moderators: burns_away, darkened_winter, etoile33 and lotr_freak16


the Oscar: Best Overall Icon. Can not be animated. Must be still.
Action: Best Animated Icon.
Dark Side: Best Icon featuring a Villain
Heroes: Best Icon featuring a Goodguy/Hero.
Subtitled: Best use of Text (whether that be coloring, position, etc.)
Dark Side: Best Icon featuring a Villain
Heroes: Best Icon featuring a Goodguy/Hero.
Cut: Best use of cropping.
Comedy: Best Funny/Humorous Icon.
Silent: Best text-less Icon.
Scream: Best emotional Icon.
the Director: Best Coloring.
Indie: Best "Quote" Icon.
Soundtrack: Best Lyrical icon.
Chick-Flick: Best romantic couple Icon.
Special Category: To be changed everyweek; features ONE movie. When Nominating, you can suggest a movie for the next weeks "Special" category. All the ones suggested will be voted on during voting time.


1. You can nominate as many icons as you want per week (for now).
2. All icons nominated MUST be from a movie. This means no actor/actress photoshoots, tv shows, etc. It can be from ANY movie, whether it was in the theaters or straight to video.
3. All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements (under 40kb and 100x100 pixels or smaller)
4. When nominating please specify clearly what category you are nominating it for, and be sure to have the icon makers username clearly next to that icon.
5. You can nominate yourself. Keep in mind that every icon that you nominate that was made by yourself, you must nominate someone elses.
6. You can only nominate up to 5 icons by the same Icon maker in one week.
7. You cannot vote for your own icons.


Monday-Friday: Nominating time. On Friday, once it hits 12 A.M nominating is closed.
Saturday-Sunday: Voting.
Monday Morning - Afternoon the winners and banners will be posted.